About Me

Hey, I’m Dan and welcome to my blog KayakFishingUK.

Kayak Fishing in the UK

I’ve been out on the water since I can remember, my father first took me when were were young on a camping trip to France. I still remember the feeling of being sat in the back of the Kayak with my Dad paddling, it was an early morning and so silent. We stopped for breakfast of juice and some fruit and just sat there in silence.

This is what propelled me into a lifetime fascination with water sports and in particular Kayaking and Fishing. In a ‘yak’ you’re so agile out there on the water you can pivot on a penny and head off in a whatever direction you choose.

The fishing side of the sport is what really gripped me. I’ve been involved in competition but these days I tend to do it for the fun and to stock up the freezer when we’re running low!

I welcome you to browse around the site and if you have any questions you can contact me here.


– Dan